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Time to upgrade

news.. new.. news..  need to updrade now..

A kind soul informed us that the Not Found error page can be exploited via inserting javascript code in the address bar. This release provides a fix for this vulnerability. This release also includes some other improvements to the bake script and prepares for the day when the controller object is not available in the view. Cakebaker mentioned the addition of the session helper. It is recommended that everyone upgrade and change all references to $this->controller->Session in the view to the new helper, $session.


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Updating myself…

Ahh.. I’ve been trying to create an admin page for the xrdauth system (just to make my life simpler) but exploring website always makes go somewhere else. grrr… What really makes me angry, frustrated and such is that the idea that there are so much new ideas in cakephp world that I havnt had time to explore yet. This past few weeks, I’ve been busy doing some other stuff that made me feel there is nothing else to learn but today Im just struck with It launches just last month I think, not really sure since I’ve been on a vacation in cakephp world for a few weeks.

Bakery from cakeforge news >> We have been talking about replacing the wiki and bringing in the Bakery. Well, the doors are open at . Over the next few days we hope everyone will help us move the content from the wiki over to the Bakery. If you have a tutorial on the wiki, something you wrote up on your blog, or something you have been planning to share, help us test out the Bakery. The Code section of the Bakery is the perfect place to put your latest and greatest snippet. If you have a component, helper, model or some other nifty code on CakeForge or your hard drive, throw it into the Code section of the Bakery. There are still plenty of features to add to the Bakery, but if you find any bugs or think of some enhancements feel free to submit a ticket to Trac,

Anyway, just to save myself from bookmarking all the tutorials i found, I’l list them down here. Might be helpful for some ..

  1. Threaded Lists > This one has a nice tut for some cool form validation. Maybe I could also add features from ajax validation. This will be one of my target lesson for this week.
  2. getDSN > This returns the database connection details in the form of a DSN (driver://username:password@hostname/database). I’ve dealt with this problem one time but I left it unsolved. Now here it is, presenting the solution in front of me.. *dangs!*
  3. Taking Advantage of the Pages Controller > I dont know how this will become useful to me.. I still do not have the grip of what this tutorial really means.. But I’ll list it here for reference.. might be very useful someday
  4. autocomplete > easy implementation of autocomplete
  5. HTTP Client class > Im new to curl and this interest me a lot. honestly speaking, i dont know how i will use this. need to google more 😉

ahh.. so much ideas right now, i need to time out.. be back in a few days, or maybe a few weeks again 😦

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