OpenDNS, an option to experience a faster(and smarter) internet surfing

July 22, 2006 at 4:59 pm Leave a comment

I’ve stumbled on this new FREE service from a lockergnome article today. Its called OpenDNS. Its not really cakePhp related but of use for all. So, what’s OpenDNS anyway? Great question! Actually there are already a few articles that best describe this so i wont reiterate them here again. The best so far(for me) are as follows

Open DNS (explains in layman terms)

OpenDNS: Should you make the switch?

user opendns to speed up the internet

an article from wired news

and for skeptics and still wanna stay skeptic about the idea, here is an article for you. I like this kind of thinking.. It just make you think.. hehe.. anyway, its a good article from another point of view, how i just wish my isp is as great as his.

As for my experience, the installation was so easy using windows(havent tried it in linux and router configs). You dont have to install anything actually. Just follow these instructions. After that, I noticed the speed improve after my first visit to some sites. Tried it with, and and it was just like a wow experience. I think this is useful when your ISP isnt that so great. This is not a caching tool alright. What happened is not really my business to tackle so i’ll leave it to the experts and to you to understand(just read the above links).

However, I hope, with one blogger, that this service will not be used for collecting datas or surfing habits from the internet surfers. For now, I’ll use it till its fresh. hehe..


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